Common Park Maintenance Mistakes

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Small maintenance mistakes very often come with a high cost. From an unsafe guest experience, shorter park lifespan to huge repair costs and negative goodwill for the park, there is lot that a simple maintenance mistake can lead to. Based on WhiteWater’s years of experience of helping parks around the world maintain their parks, we have identified the five most common maintenance mistakes that parks make. Read further.

Reviving Noah’s Ark’s Shoot the Chute Water Ride, Flash Flood

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The boats of Flash Flood, Shoot the Chute water ride at Noah’s Ark Water Park at Wisconsin Dells were beginning to show signs of ageing and deterioration. To bring them back to life, the team at the water park commissioned WhiteWater West After Sales to carry out the maintenance work and save them from further wear and tear.

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Gear up for Safe and Happy Guests

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While maintenance is a continuous process, at the start of the season it is even more important. Any efforts made now have a direct impact on your park’s bottom line at the end of the year. By keeping your park equipment properly maintained, you can ensure not just high performance, but avoid downtime and ensure safety and higher guest satisfaction.

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